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Advantages of NABET Accreditation for Schools

In the current competitive environment, schools needs to be very quality conscious,
Accreditation helps schools achieve and maintain Quality and become internationally competitive.
National Accreditation Board for Education and Training is a constituent Board of Quality Council of India.

Below are the benefits and advantages of NABET Accreditation for Schools

Overall benefits
•    Conceptualize national curricular objectives in school processes
•    Standardize school processes as per national / international requirements
•    Design school governance structure and methodologies
•    Enhance the teaching / learning process
•    Design performance measurement and evaluation methods.
Benefits for Students/Parents  
•    Improved quality of education
•    Holistic / balanced education helping students for personality development
•    Organized and transparent school system for better day to day experience for students and parents
•    Feedback system to get student and parent’s issues addressed
Benefits for School  
•    Capability development for delivering quality education
•    Quality improvement in existing school system / process
•    Proven and predictable model to run the school
•    International standards applied for local and national school needs
Benefits for School staff  
•    Establishing quality culture
•    Energetic and motivated staff
•    Scientific and systematic approach towards teaching
•    Continuous learning and training resulting skilled staff
•    Efficient and improved work environment
•    Work satisfaction
Benefits for School Management  
•    Benchmarking school against best in education field
•    International recognition for quality standards (In addition to NABET Accreditation the school can get Scottish Qualification Authority – SQA accreditation also on payment of a nominal amount annually)
•    Achievement of objectives and goals
•    Establishing center of excellence and continuous improvement
•    Establishing and working towards long term goal
•    Regular feedback on performance through internal and external assessments

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