Quiz 2

Online Exam Quiz

Online Exams and assessments, MCQ are the need of hour.
QualCampus Higher Education ERP comes with an Online MCQ Quiz with the below different features for schools, colleges and universities features:

  • Provision to Create Quiz
  • Provision to map CO to Questions
  • Schedule the Quiz
  • Timer based MCQ Quiz
  • Provision for mapping CO – Course outcome with the Questions for calculation of attainment, required by NBA accreditation 
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  • Provision for Timer
  • Once time is lapsed, the Student is auto logged off the quiz.
  • The Quiz is of a particular time¬†duration

  • Upload Questions through Excel import Utility
  • Same Question sets can be used for various classes and programs
  • Questions can be entered on forms with options for answers
  • Randomisation of Questions
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  • Faculty can Set the Timer for Quiz
  • The quiz is visible to Student on the scheduled date and time in their login
  • Provision to take MCQ Quiz of selected students
  • Online Tracking of Quiz analytics
  • How many students online and how many students completed the quiz can be viewed in real time by the faculty
  • Students can attempt one question at a time
  • Students can navigate to further questions or go back to previous question
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  • Before Submitting Student can view Summary of the Questions and Answers
  • The timer automatically logs off the students once time is up
  • Results can be displayed instantly on the quiz completion by Admin or faculty