Online Exams

Online Exams are the need of hour in the time of COVID-19 and social distancing.
QualCampus ERP for education comes with an Online Quiz with the below features:

  • Provision to Create Quiz
  • Provision to map CO to Questions
  • Schedule the Quiz
  • Provision for Timer
  • The Quiz is of a particular time┬áduration
  • Upload Questions through Excel import Utility
  • Questions can be entered on forms with options for answers
  • Faculty can Set the Timer for Quiz
  • The quiz is visible to Student on the scheduled date and time in their login
  • Students can attempt one question at a time
  • Students can navigate to further questions or go back to previous question
  • Before Submitting Student can view Summary of the Questions and Answers
    The timer automatically logs off the students once time is up