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Introducing QualCampus ERP!

QualCampus is capable of managing an Institute, Group of Institutes, different types of Institutes and in combine a WHOLE University! Yes, in ONE PACKAGE, SINGLE LOGIN!

QualCampus – package of 60 modules! Serving all the different ROLES and FUNCTIONS, an Institute has. 100% Resource Planning!

QualCampus ERP – Placement Cell QualCampus come with Placement Module, which is the pain point of many institutes.

    • Maintain a good rapport with the Industry by streamlining and automating the placement process.


    • QualCampus Placement Module is one of the important modules, which serves exclusively for the Placement Cell.


    • It helps and automates the process of Placement.


    • Student screening based on selection criteria.


    • Mock Interview.


    • Invitations to Placement companies for Recruitment.


    • Notification to students for various placement rounds.


    • Yearly analytics of Offers with Companies and chance availed by Students.


370+ Institutes are already enjoying it. Call us now for a free demo!

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