Support Ticket Diagram

Support Ticketing System

Choosing a feature rich Software or ERP is NOT enough to make it LIVE, it requires to choose the EFFORTLESS SUPPORT SYSTEM.

  • QualCampus promises to give the best SUPPORT SYSTEM, as it comes with INTERNAL TICKETING SYSTEM.
  • Each Ticket raised by the USER goes to COMPANY and the MANAGEMENT of the Institute, simultaneously, which gets transferred to Qualsoft’s Tech Team, who are readily available FOR NECESSARY ACTION AND RECTIFICATION of queries raised.
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  • Apart from Internal Support System, Qualsoft gives a separate login to the Administrators of Institute, wherein they can monitor the STATUS of TICKETS raised.
  • It also comes with Client-Company Open Discussion platform. This will allows the Admin to send message directly to the Support Engineer, who is working on the Ticket raised.

It doesn’t end here! QualCampus Support System grantees the end user satisfaction, this is the right of IT ADMIN OR THE USER ONLY, to VERIFY AND CLOSE THE TICKETS!

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