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Features Every College Software Must Have

Managing a college is not a piece of cake. There is a lot that goes on. You have to maintain every aspect of the management and have a smooth and complete control on every important department.

Every college needs a management system to manage and moderate all their data, transactions and activities. 

In this article, we will take a look at the must-have features that all colleges require. 

Let’s get started. 

What is a College ERP System?

A College ERP system is a technology-based software to store, analyze, manage, and supervise the data. It also helps in smoother operations and better internal communication alongside maintaining transparency.

For instance, a College ERP System will manage the data related to their students. Which might include the results of students, fees paid and pending by students, homework and assignments, attendance, and more. 

Now, let’s have a look at must-have features for every college ERP System.

Must Have Features For College ERP System

Following are the must have functioning features for college ERP System:

  1. Fees Management and Accounting
  2. Attendance management
  3. Time Table or Schedule Management
  4. Library Management
  5. Staff Management and Supervision
  6. Exams Management
  7. Performance monitoring for Parents
  8. Data Import and Export
  9. SMS and Email Alerts
  10.  Training & Placement
  11.  Alumni management
  12.  Budget/Expenses – Capex and Opex

Following are the must have add-ons to your college ERP system:

  1. Cloud Based Availability
  2. Integration with Online Classroom Tools like Google Meet
  3. Quizzes and Polls During Online Lectures
  4. Ticketing or scoring system for tracking students performance
  5. Integration with Biometric
  6. Integration with Payment gateways
  7. Mobile app

Let us discuss the must have features for college ERP system in brief

Fees Management and Accounting

Managing the fees and accounts for colleges is a tedious task. The college ERP system must have the feature for Fees Management and Accounting. This helps in keeping track of income expenses and easily monitoring and supervising.

Attendance management

You don’t need to have an attendance register or on-paper attendance anymore!
Isn’t that one of the brain-wrecking tasks? 

Attendance management features in the college ERP system will lower the burden on teachers.

The attendance software will indicate those students who are not eligible to appear for an exam due to low attendance.

Time Table or Schedule Management

Another important feature a college ERP system should have is timetable management. 

The software should organize the schedule that suits both: teachers and students. Let’s face it, we’re human and we sometimes make mistakes in manually making a perfect schedule, sometimes things overlap. 

Library management 

Library management features help you in keeping track of the books. 

This will let you know which students or teacher has borrowed the book and if the student is late in returning the book, The software must indicate that as well. This feature will help you in keeping a track of books in the library, books borrowed, books missing and how they lost it.

Staff management and supervision

Management of staff is an important part of smooth functioning of a School, College or any institute. Therefore, it is important that you have a feature that helps you in keeping track of the different activities associated with the staff. This includes payroll management of Staff, attendance and other similar activities. The College ERP system should also let you know about the allocated lectures for a particular faculty, and the lectures delivered.

Exams Management

Exams are an important part of any educational organization. If they aren’t managed the right way, the work could get tedious.

College ERP systems should have features to manage exams, this includes management of online exams and the marking system for it and organising as per a merit list. It should also be able to manage the schedule and secure the question papers.

Performance Monitoring for Parents

The College ERP system must not just cater to the requirements of the students and teachers, it should also serve the parents of the students too.

College ERP systems must have a feature of a portal for the parents to check and monitor the performance of the students.

Data Import and Export

The most important reason to use automation in your college management is to manage the data. So obviously, there is going to be a lot of data in the ERP system.

There would be data regarding the fees, marks obtained, attendance of students, attendance of the teachers and more.

The college ERP system must have features of export and import of the data.

SMS, Whatsapp and Email Alerts

SMS, Whatsapp and email alerts are important to notify about the important announcement to either of the three: The students, the teachers or the parents.

The college ERP should be configured to trigger SMS and emails as per different instructions, that could be about late fees, low attendance, marks obtained and other announcements.

Important Addons Every College Software System Must Have

Above discussed are the major features that make a good college ERP system. Apart from these features, or in fact, in addition to these features there are some add ons to consider for every college ERP system.

Cloud Based Availability

You should be able to take a look at the management of the college from anywhere at any given place. Cloud based availability enables the entire ERP system to be accessed through the internet. 

Integration with Online Classroom Tools like Google Meet

The pandemic has made it all about the online lectures and classes. Almost every college has migrated the learning system to the online classroom tools like Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Google workspace for education is used by more than 170 millions users, which includes both students and teachers. 

So, it is important for a college ERP system to have an integration with online classroom tools like Google Meet.

Quizzes and Polls During Online Lectures

Keeping the students is challenging, in both, the offline style of classroom and the new online classes.

In fact, engaging students in online classes is more challenging. The college ERP should be able to integrate with the google meet and give quizzes and polls for students. This will keep the atmosphere of the class interesting and engage the students throughout the lecture.

Ticketing or scoring system for tracking students performance

It could get tedious for the teachers to keep a track of everything about the students. 

The college ERP should automate the process of scoring and ticketing the students based on the performance. Moreover, this score should be integrated with the attendance too.

Wrap Up

If we sum it up in one line.

The College ERP system must automate everything tedious and make things easier for the management.

A good College ERP system like QualCampus, has all the features which we have discussed above. This includes: Attendance management, Exams Management, Library Management, Performance monitoring portal for parents, Staff management, Time Table management, Fees and accounting management, Data Export and import options, SMS and Email alerts for parents, teachers and students. 

QualCampus comes with 80+ modules which have the features for every department of an educational institute.

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