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How Education ERP Helps in NBA Accreditation

How Education ERP Helps in NBA Accreditation

NBA Accreditation is very important in this age of competition with foreign universities. NBA Accreditation benchmarks your programs against the global standards and increases the pace of employability and growth of the students globally.

NBA accreditation analyses higher educational institution as to where they stand globally, what are their strengths & weaknesses. Government Statutory agencies or private agencies usually funds the initiations having good NBA ranking.

In Education ERP, you need to use various modules and enter data as per your process. The ERP captures the data and present it in the form of  NBA SAR reports.
You need to enter the data in  academics and non academics related modules, which collates the data in the SAR report.

The gathering of data as per the NBA criteria is a mammoth task, involving much man hours. Education ERP comes to help the NBA coordinators in gathering the data analyzing, doing calculation of Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes. Further all the data tables of the report are filled by the education ERP for various criterion.