You are currently viewing Post Covid Challenges & Solutions in Education for Students, Parents, Teachers & Management

Post Covid Challenges & Solutions in Education for Students, Parents, Teachers & Management

We are the lucky people who Survived the Pandemic, All should be grateful to Almighty

During this We saw how people cared and helped each other? We saw how internet played pivotal role for helping all during pandemic.

Time has come to implement Shared Economy & to bridge the gap for accessibility of Information between rich and poor. We need a major re-haul of the system

Below are my observations for Parents, Students, Teachers and the Management of Education Institutions at large


Parents should give their children Computer’s instead of Phone with internet, it helps in better monitoring the children and also good for eyes.

Install monitoring and proctoring software to regulate them and to give feeling someone is watching

Local Community should have centers with Computers for the people who can’t afford PC and Internet


Make use of available resources in right way

Students can learn thru’ Online Free sites and videos for education, below I have given 3 sites for coding, same thing applies to other subjects as well;

Blockly from Google, Scratch language from MIT , similarly there are various sites for online learning of any subjects


COVID forced teachers for digital transformation. Now teachers are well versed in online tools & technology, and they are confident that yes they can teach online effectively as well!

Proctoring- gestures recognition, eyeballs, mouse movements, browser monitoring, recording of student’s webcam, recording of students screen, geo tagging, force full screen, face recognition and period image capture apps to be installed on Students PC.

Handwriting importance is going down, Teachers should focus on improving reading skills. There is a daily surge in huge information on the Internet, which should be made to read and comprehend quickly.

Spelling and grammar importance can be practiced from software tools, games app

OSM- On-screen marking to save time of teachers- visiting the centers for checking the physical papers.

AI- Artificial Intelligence & AR- Augmented Reality to be used while teaching

Tailor teaching for group of students as per their personality traits and grasping

Chatbot for repetitive questions and simple concepts as per the syllabus

Virtual Facilitators and Learning Environments: Chatbots or Virtual human teachers and facilitators can be used for interaction with the students. It will save a lot of teachers time

Management of Educational Institutions

Management need to use good global ERP , LMS and MIS software systems as foreign universities do. The system should be all in one. It should be integrated and there should not be any duplication of data.

International Accreditation like NBA, ASIC, CIS, IEYC, IPC, IMYC, etc to be done to improve quality and to achieve international benchmarks and to be globally competitive

Administrative Work: AI can automate grading exams, assessing homework, and providing feedback and suggestions to their students.

Using AI enrollment, admissions, fee payments, results can be forecasted.

Alternate revenue model by offering online learning courses, leasing infrastructure to private parties when its under utilised and content development by faculties and selling the same online can help management to maintain a multiple revenue source, which will be helpful to sustain in uncertain times

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