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QualCampus – School/ College Management System is a cloud based software with huge database supporting system, which can be used for managing any institute’s day-to-day business. QualCampus – School/ College Management System is an interactive platform for everyone viz. Students, Teachers and Management and parents. Qual Campus – School/ College Management System is a robust and powerful one point integrated platform that connects every departments of an institution including office, fee counter, library, academics, activity center and so on.

How Qual Campus – School/ College Management System helps :

  • Increase the speed of operation.
  • Interlink all the Departments.
  • Follow international practices adopted world over.
  • Create institute’s Tech Savvy Image.
  • Concentrate on teaching and leave data management tasks to “eSchool”.
  • Take quick decision as data available in a single click.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Track frauds and malpractices.
  • Check performance of Students/Teachers.
  • Avoid duplication of work.
  • Track receipts and payments.
  • Save cost on stationary.
  • Optimize resource utilization.
  • Move towards paperless Office.

Key Modules

QualCampus – School/ college Management System Modules:

01. Student Information.

  • Student details.
  • Alumni student details.
  • Student Inquiry.
  • Integrated Student search engine.

02. Class Information.

  • Details of class & division.
  • Auto assign class/subject teacher.
  • Subject and Teachers information.
  • Auto generates Question paper.
  • Daily lesson planner.

03. Fees Management.

  • User defined fees structure.
  • Password protected authentication.
  • Students Memo.
  • Quick fee status.
  • Online Payments.

04. SMS Module

  • Precise recipient lists.
  • Cost effective SMS service.
  • SMS notifications for Parents/Staff/Students.
  • Send scheduled or manual SMS notifications.
  • Integrated with Attendance module.

QualCampus – School/ college Management System Modules:

05. Library

  • Manage Library Books.
  • Manage Book issue with Biometric authentication.
  • Manage Book returns with Biometric authentication.
  • Manage Book with unique Barcode.
  • Integrated Search engine.


  • Create different types of exams.
  • Integrated Exam Scheduling calendar.
  • Generate reports for results and exams.
  • Advanced Reports.
  • Integrated Search Engine.

07. Scholarships

  • Student Scholarship Master.
  • Types of Scholarship.
  • Application of scholarships.
  • Disbursement of Scholarship.

08. Event Management

  • Create any type of event.
  • Manage all the event activities.
  • Detailed description for any event.
  • Manage participation registration.
  • Manage and generate detailed reports.

09. HR & Payroll

  • Employee’s Personal Information.
  • Automatic/Manual Employee Attendance & Leaves.
  • Monthly Pay bill Connectivity with accounts.
  • Deduction of PF / PT / IT / LIC/Bank Loan/RD/PLI/Society/Others.
  • TDS Form No: 16.


10. Attendance.

  • Easy marking of attendance.
  • SMS/Email/Letter of poor attendance to parents.
  • Different types of attendance report can be generated.
  • Integrated with hardware devices and Bio-metric.

11. Time Table

  • Class/Teacher Subject Allocation.
  • Drag and drop timetable
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Institutional Class/Teacher wise Time Table.
  • Edit/Delete timetable facility available

12. Transport

  • School Bus Service Provider Details.
  • Transport Fee facility available.
  • Get Transport Details.
  • Fuel Tracking.
  • Driver’s Details & I-card generator.

13. Financial Accounts

  • Manage Income & Expenditure.
  • Manage Cash Payment/Receipt.
  • Manage Bank Payment/Receipt.
  • Manage Credit/Debit Note.
  • Manage Payment/Receipt Register.

14. Stores/Laboratory

  • Manage Quotations.
  • Manage Comparative Analysis.
  • Manage Goods Received Note (GRN).
  • Stock Statement.
  • Store Outward Report Date wise/Item wise.

15. Hostel

  • Manage Room Allocation.
  • Manage Fines.
  • Manage Parent/Guest Visit.
  • Student Medical Info.
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