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Why Colleges needs All in one ERP?

Why Colleges needs All in one ERP?

Educational institutions started using softwares from early 90s, which were mostly desktop or client server applications. Then Colleges and Universities adopted web-based online software applications. Those softwares catered to the different needs like Admissions, Library, Financial Accounting, etc. The software packages were not interconnected and their was lot of duplication of work. With the popularity and reach of internet ALL in ONE ERP which are Cloud based are the need to the hour.

Colleges, Universities, Higher Education Institutes needs Unified Education ERP Software for the below reasons;

1.To move towards paperless work
2.To move towards good governance
2.To interconnect departments and maintain transparency
3.To avoid duplication of work
4. Increase the efficiency of the academic and non academic staff
4.To Implement standard processes across the departments
5.To get globally recognition by getting accredited for NAAC, NBA, ABET, ASIC, etc.
6.To bring all departments or institutes data on one single platform.
7.To make informed decisions based on data science
8.To Use Machine Leaning and Artificial Intelligence for forecasting admissions, fee collections and students placement
9.To conduct online Examinations, Assignments, MCQ Quizzes, Online lectures & online fee payment.
10. To compete with foreign Universities

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