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Why School Needs Education ERP?

Modern Schools needs Education ERP for the below reasons;

  • To move towards paperless work and good governance

  • To maintain transparency across departments

  • To Increase the efficiency of the people, machines and processes

  • To streamline and standardize processes across the Institute

  • To become globally competitive get international accreditation

  • To get International Early Years Curriculum IEYC Accreditaton

  • To get International Primary Curriculum IPC Accreditaton

  • To get International Middle Years Curriculum IMYC Accreditaton

  • To consolidate data across departments

  • To make decisions based on data

  • To forecast admissions

  • To involve parents and guardians in overall development of the Students

  • To get NABET or Council of International Schools (CIS) or International Baccalaureate (IB) 

To achieve all the above objectives, Qualsoft’s QualCampus- School Management ERP helps you with more than 70 plus modules.

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