Improve your Market Value, Get QualCampus ERP Certified Professional

Folks in the Education Industry, if you handle College or University software, give your career a boost and move up the ladder by becoming a QualCampus ERP Certified Professional. These professionals are in high demand in top-notch Higher Education Institutes, Colleges, and Universities in India. There are various roles for School ERP, College ERP, and University ERP.

The ERP Head handling the College or University software can be given this certification honorarily. With the implementation of NEP (National Education Policy) 2020 multiple foreign universities are setting up their campuses in India, as well as new Universities or Vertical Universities are coming across across metro cities in India. This has brought huge demand for ERP Implementation and Operation in Higher Education Institutes and Universities.

QualCampus ERP Certified Professional

Excellent opportunity for Engineers and IT Grads to become QualCampus Certified Administrator.

  • Set up
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration

Excellent opportunity for persons working in Schools, Colleges, Universities to hone their skills.

Excellent opportunity for Individuals who wants to pursue career in Financial Accounting with Educational Institues. They can become QualCampus Certified Accountant.

Excellent opportunity for Individual working as Placement Officers in Colleges and Universities to  become QualCampus Certified Placement Officers.

Excellent opportunity Graduates who wants make career as Stores Incharge or Store keeper in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Excellent opportunity Individual Consultants who are consulting for NAAC, NBA, ASIC or ABET accreditation

Excellent opportunity for Accountants who take up audit of Schools, Colleges and Universities.