How a Software Solution Can Improve Workflow Management in Educational Institution Managing the workflow in educational institutions can be a challenge. In this blog, we will explore how software can play a crucial role in better work automation.  The software can perform and manage better than manual performance.  Before we dive deeper, let us understand the concept of workflow automation and its actual purpose. Let’s get started.  What Is Workflow Automation? Let’s consider a scenario,

Managing a college is not a piece of cake. There is a lot that goes on. You have to maintain every aspect of the management and have a smooth and complete control on every important department. Every college needs a management system to manage and moderate all their data, transactions and activities.  In this article, we will take a look at the must-have features that all colleges require.  Let’s get started.  What is a College

How College Software with CRM and WhatsApp Integration helps Institutions to Increase admissions. With the increasing competition for admissions, institutions need to boos their efforts to bring in admissions. A good Education ERP with built in CRM is the need of the hour to help organizations in this important task. Using CRM Module the institutions can : Capture leads from Social Media Landing pages Capture leads Education Portal landing pages Run Email Campaign for prospective

Why Google Meet Integration is necessary in College Software or University Software During the time of COVID-19 pandemic, the online lecture delivery helped the educational institutions to continue learning through Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Team, etc. But the faculties and teachers faced the difficulty of taking the attendance, marking the late comers then updating the same on College ERP or University ERP. Moreover conducting the Lecture as per time table was a major challenge. Also

Dear Educator, It’s high time for Colleges and Universities to take the admission process ONLINE QualCampus helps you with a well planned admission process, suitable for your institution. 1. The registration link can be placed on the website or with the advertisement on social media, the student is going to register themselves with OTP verification. 2. Leads are captured for Counselors to nurture and follow up effectively. 3. Applicants can pay the registration or prospectus

To survive in the times of COVID and maintain efficiency and productivity, the Education sector needs to adopt technology. It’s high time education institutes start investing more in technology. Click here to Schedule a free online demo of QualCampus Education ERP and see how it helps you to overcome the distance in this time of COVID-19. QualCampus ERP helps you to; Increase Admissions online Increase Fee collection online Deliver Lectures online  Conduct Exams online Track and

We are the lucky people who Survived the Pandemic, All should be grateful to Almighty During this We saw how people cared and helped each other? We saw how internet played pivotal role for helping all during pandemic. Time has come to implement Shared Economy & to bridge the gap for accessibility of Information between rich and poor. We need a major re-haul of the system Below are my observations for Parents, Students, Teachers and

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Why Colleges needs All in one ERP?

Why Colleges needs All in one ERP? Educational institutions started using softwares from early 90s, which were mostly desktop or client server applications. Then Colleges and Universities adopted web-based online software applications. Those softwares catered to the different needs like Admissions, Library, Financial Accounting, etc. The software packages were not interconnected and their was lot of duplication of work. With the popularity and reach of internet ALL in ONE ERP which are Cloud based are

A Guide to Successful ERP Implementation for Universities, Colleges and SchoolsThe unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the educational institutions towards digitization. Dependency on Technology increased tremendously. Online Education ERP has become imperative. Apart from Online admissions, online teaching and online fee collection, online exam is the need of the day. Schools, Colleges and Universities need such ERP which is ALL-IN-ONE, which suffices need for academic, non-academic, accreditation and all operations under one Umbrella. Having so

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What is Choice Based Credit System?

Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) allows students to study subjects across disciplines. CBCS is commonly used by universities in the United States and other western universities. Infact it will make our programs and courses at par with the international practices. Majority of Indian higher education institutions were following the traditional marks/percentage based evaluation system, which hindered the flexibility for the students to study the subjects of their choice and their mobility to different institutions. Choice Based