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QualCampus Education ERP FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Which type of College or Institutes can use QualCampus College ERP software?


It can be implemented for University, Management College, Engineering College, Pharmacy College, Medical College, Dental College, Physiotherapy College, Nursing College or any type of School or a group of different type of institutions.

Which type of Universities can use QualCampus University ERP Software?

Any Government, Deemed, Government, Agricultural, Medical, Veterinary, Autonomous, State University, Central University and Open Universities can use QualCampus University ERP software

What is the price of University Management ERP Software?

Its is priced per Student per year basis on SaaS Model and One Time payment in case of On Premise installation.

Can I get a Trail version?

Yes.For free trail of College ERP or university ERP you need to register by clicking here

Where is QualCampus Hosted?

It is hosted on Amazon Aws, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any other standard Cloud Server Provider.

Can we import data from other softwares to QualCampus?

YES. There are excel utilities with specific formats to import, Students, Employees, Subjects, Library Books, Vendors, Stock Items, Fee Heads, etc

What facilities are provided in reports?

All reports you can export to word, PDF, excel formats.

Which browsers are supported?

We recommend Google Chrome latest version for optimum performance, although QualCampus works on all modern day browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge as well.

What security is provided for data over internet.

The QualCampus Education ERP comes with Secure Socket Layers of encryption for data transmission over internet.

Which countries you are having operations?

QualCampus is the Best College ERP in India, but we do have global clients.

What are the different version of QualCampus?

QualCampus is available in different versions like University ERP, Higher Education ERP, College ERP and School ERP.

Which Indian Cities you provide support and implementation?

QualCampus College and University ERP is available pan India, we are covering almost all the cities like Mumbai, Aurangabad, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Gulbarga, Bangalore, Meerut, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Vijaywada, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur, Kozhikode, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patna and more.

Is there a facility for marks upload thru’ excel.?

Yes. QualCampus is having provision wherein you can upload marks obtained thru’ excel. As well as there is a provision for Question wise marks upload facility which is required for calculation the CP and PO for NBA and NAAC Accreditation

Is there a facility a provision wherein Students can submit assignments?

Yes. QualCampus is having provision wherein student can submit assignments online and faculty can evaluate and give marks or ratings.

What is the price of College Management ERP Software?

Its is priced per Student per year basis on SaaS Model and One Time License payment in case of On Premise installation.

Is there a ticketing system, where user can raise issues?

Yes. QualCampus is having its own built-in ticketing system where Users can raise tickets for Issues, Training Requests and other Queries.

Are their reports for University Audit for NAAC, NBA and other accreditation bodies.?

Yes. QualCampus is separate Accreditation and OBE module where you will get reports pertaining to NBA, NAAC, etc

Is there mobile app for Students, Parents, Faculty, Teachers & Management?

Yes. QualCampus is having Android and IPhone app for Students, Faculties, Parents, Management and Non Teaching Staff.

Is there provision for taking Online exams for students.?

Yes. QualCampus is having provision wherein you can take online MCQ quiz and you can deliver live paper to the student and the student can submit descriptive answers within the time limit.

Do You have Student Placement module?

Yes. QualCampus is having Students placement module with facility for mock interviews till the final placement whole process is automated.

Can we transfer data from KOHA Library management software?

Yes. QualCampus has got migration utilities to transfer data for other Library management softwares

Is there Transportation and school bus module?

Yes. QualCampus is Transportation module with provision for Fees, Bus Routes, Vehicle maintenance, etc

Is there Hostel Module with online registration and fee payment.?

Yes. QualCampus is having a full fledged hostel module where students can register online for admission to hostel, the warden can admit and allocate them depending on their choice and availability. The students can pay Hostel fees online.

If a College requires customisation in few module, is that possible and what are the charges?

Yes. We also do customisation or we can develop a new module for Colleges and universities. Charges are per man day.

What applications we can integrate with QualCampus?

We can integrate SAP, Tally, Moodle, Landing Pages, Salesforce, ZOHO, WordPress and other Standard CRM applications which provide API for integration with Education ERP

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