Higher Education ERP Software

Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) need Education ERP Software for various reasons:

  • Move towards paperless work and promote good governance.
  • Maintain transparency across departments and affiliated institutions.
  • Increase the efficiency of people, machines, and processes.
  • Streamline and standardize processes across the institutes.
  • Attain global competitiveness, aligning with Washington Accord, and secure accreditation from NAAC, NBA, ABET, ASIC, etc
  • Consolidate data across departments and make informed decisions.
  • Forecast admissions and student placements accurately.
  • Facilitate seamless communication and information dissemination to students.
  • Conduct online admissions, MCQ exams, and fee collection.
  • Gain visibility over operational and capital expenditures.

To achieve these objectives, Qualsoft’s QualCampus – ERP for Higher Education offers modules designed to meet these diverse needs.

QualCampus Higher Education ERP Module

QualCampus CRM - Enquiry Management Module
CRM - Enquiries

CRM- Enquiry Module

  • Capture prospective student enquiries from website, landing pages, enquiry pages, etc
  • Followup and nurture enquiries
  • Forecast admissions
  • Improve Admission count
  • SMS and Email can be sent to prospective students
  • Convert enquiry directly to Applicant
  • Track Counselor’s performance and Reports
QualCampus Online Addmission Module
Online Admission

Online Admission

  • Customised dynamic admission form as per the program requirements
  • Templates for SMS and email to be sent at various stages to potential students
  • Online prospectus selling,
  • Payment gateway integration,
  • Students can register and can fill online admission form
  • Merit list as per custom criteria
  • Students document verification
  • Admission confirmation upon eligibility and document  verification,
QualCampus Student Information Module
Student Information

Student Information

  • Admitted Student Details,
  • Admitted Student Documents,
  • Parents Data,
  • NRI Students Data,
  • Admission Cancellation,
  • Reports ID Card, Caste Category wise Student Details Contact and Birthdays, Applications – Admission Slip, no Dues Applications, Certificate – Bonafide, Character, Leaving Certificate, etc
QualCampus Class Information Module
Class Information

Class Information

  • Class In-Take,
  • Class-Division Allocation,
  • Class Subject Mapping, 
  • Faculty Subject mapping 
  • Student Subject allocation, 
  • Mentor Allocation, 
  • Promotions, 
  • Division Transfer
QualCampus Time Table Module
Time Table

Time Table

  • Creation of Time Table with Basic Constraints, 
  • Proxy Lectures 
  • Combined Lectures
  • Cancelled lectures
  • Institute Time Table Report,
  • Class Time Table Report 
  • Faculty wise Time Table Report
QualCampus Attendance Module


  • Student Attendance Settings,
  • Bio-metricm RDID device configuration,
  • Daily and Lecture wise attendance,
  • Defaulters list 
  • Attendance Reports
  • Subjectwise Attendance report
QualCampus Session Lesson Planning Module
Session Planning

Session Planning

  • Session Planner,
  • CO  PO Mapping
  • Course Plan report
  • Planned Vs Execution Reports
QualCampus Question Bank Module
Question Bank

Question Bank

  • Question Type,
  • QP Structure,
  • Question Paper generation on print,
  • CO and PO mapping on each question for NAAC and NBA accreditation 
  • Reports
QualCampus Assignment Module


  • Student Groups,
  • Assignment, CO and PO Mapping,
  • Assignment Submission
  • Assignment module can be used as online descriptive exams as well
  • Date and time bound assignment submission
  • Giving marks on assignment
  • Reports.
QualCampus Digital Repository Module
Digital Repository

Digital Repository

  • Videos, Audio and PPT can be uploaded,
  • Students and faculties can Search and access.
QualCampus Examination Result Module
Examinations & Results

Examinations & Results

  • Examination Configuration as per the University Ordinances
  • Student’s Subject wise marks entry, 
  • Question wise mark entries for CO attainment calculation for accreditation
  • Result Card Generation,
  • Topper List,
  • Student Performance Analysis,
  • Faculty Performance Analysis
  • Overall performance summary
QualCampus Quiz MCQs Test Module
Quiz - Online MCQ Test

Quiz – Online MCQ Test

  • Time Bound Quiz Schedule
  • Excel Import provision for Questions
  • Random Questions Generation
  • Candidate Performance Report,
  • CO & PO mapping.for NAAC and NBA accreditation
QualCampus Entrance Test Module
Entrance Test

Entrance Test

  • Entrance Test Schedule
  • Provision to add questions and options or alternatively can be uploaded via excel
  • Randomisation of Questions
  • Applicants can select dates available on portal as per their convinience
  • Admit card and email invitation for Entrance test,
  • The Applicants appears for MCQ, Interview, GD-PI,
  • Merit list is prepared based on the performance
QualCampus MOM Minutes of Meeting Module
Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

  • Schedule a College Management Meeting or any other type of Meeting
  • Send Invites for meetings
  • Minute of Meetings of various meetings
  • Task allocation and Attendees information
  • Reports.
QualCampus Employee Welfare Module
Employee Welfare

Employee Welfare

  • Insurance
  • Mediclaim
  • Loan Applications
QualCampus Student Feedback Module
Student Feedback

Student Feedback

  • The Admin can schedule Feedback on Faculty, Course content and Infrastructure.
  • The student can attempt those and the institute is able to do analysis
  • Feedback on faculty can be used for appraisal of teaching faculty
QualCampus Fees Module


  • Payment Gateway Integration,
  • Class and Group wise Structure
  • Student Group Settings
  • Quick Receipt
  • SMS After each Receipt to Parent of Balance Amount,
  • Outstanding and Other Reports,
  • Fee Payable to Students,
  • Fee Receivable from Students,
  • Payable to the Government,
  • Receivables from Government.
  • Auto Fee reminders
  • Student Payment history
QualCampus Payroll Module


  • Salary Structure of Employees
  • Allowances and Deductions
  • Salary Advice
  • Pay Slips
  • Insurance and Loans
  • PF, PT, IT Reports.
  • Salary certificate
QualCampus Employee Self Service Module
Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

  • Leave balances dashbaord
  • Application of Leaves, 
  • Application for OD, 
  • Application for OT, 
  • Request to HR 
  • Attendance reports
  • Payslip reports
QualCampus Financial Accounting Module
Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

  • Admitted Student Details,
  • Admitted Student Documents,
  • Parents Data,
  • NRI Students Data,
  • Admission Cancellation,
  • Reports ID Card, Caste Category wise Student Details Contact and Birthdays, Applications – Admission Slip, no Dues Applications, Certificate – Bonafide, Character, Leaving Certificate, etc
QualCampus HR Management Module
HR Management

HR Management

  • Employee Profile,
  • Employee Attendance,
  • Requests & Approvals,
  • Leaves Allocation
  • Shift Allocation
  • Weekly off Allocation
QualCampus Employee Appraisal Module
Employee Appraisal

Employee Appraisal

  • Employee Appraisal based on Job Description, KPI
  • Task Performed
  • Lectures conducted
  • Student Feedback
  • Results of Examination, etc.
  • Self Appraisal
  • Review by authorities
  • Review by HR
QualCampus Recruitment Module


  • Requisiton for hiring
  • Approvals
  • Advertisement
  • Recruitment Rounds
  • CV Bank
  • Offer letter and joining 
  • Reports
QualCampus Scholarship Module


  • Scholarship Setting,
  • Scholarship Registration,
  • Verification & Approval,
  • Scholarship Sanction 
  • Scholarship Cancellation
  • Refund to student
  • Refund to government
  • Reports
QualCampus SMS Module


  • SMS API Configuration
  • Send SMS Facility to Group of Student and Employees, Can Create Template and Send as and when Required, 
  • Quick SMS Facility,
  • Delivery Reports
  • SMS Sent reports
QualCampus Notices Module


  • Online Notices for General Announcement,
  • Loss and Found,
  • Event and Meeting,
  • SMS Notification for Meeting
QualCampus Event Management Module
Event Management

Event Management

  • Type of Events
  • Competitions
  • Events participants
  • Volunteers and
  • Guest details
  • Competition Fees
QualCampus Visitor Management Module
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

  • Provision for Webcam,
  • Visitors ID Card with Barcode
  • Visitors and Vehicle in_Out Logs,
  • Advance Visitors Entry,
  • POP Up for The Person to Be Visited 
  • Reports.
QualCampus Committee Management Module
Committee Management

Committee Management

  • Master Data,
  • Complaints Registration,
  • Grievance Redressal,
  • Committee Management, Reports.
QualCampus Email Module


  • API Settings, 
  • Send email to Individual or Group, Classes, faculties, Parents 
  • Sent and delivery Reports.
QualCampus Front Office Module
Front Office

Front Office

  • Manages Institute’s Inwards and Outwards,
  • Manages Couriers,
  • Courier Bills
  • Inward Register
  • Outward Register
  • Reports
QualCampus Placement Management Module
Placement Management

Placement Management

  • CV Builder,
  • Manage Placement and Internship
  • Mock Interviews and its feedback to Students
  • Approach to Companies for Placement
  • Enter Opportunities and shortlist students
  • Placement Rounds like GD PI, HR and Technical.
  • Offer Letters
  • Configure Letter & Email Templates,
  • Automatic Notification via Email & Alerts,
  • Placement Reports
QualCampus Alumni Module


  • Alumni Committee,
  • Alumni Event,
  • Alumni Contributions,
  • Alumni Mentors for current students,
  • Alumni Newsletter,
  • Groups,
  • Polls,
  • Alumni Involvement in Placements,
  • Alumni Feedback.
QualCampus Sports Module


  • Purchase of Equipment,
  • Tournaments, Teams,
  • Best Performance reports,
  • Expences, Etc
QualCampus Master Admin Module
Master Admin

Master Admin

  • User Management,
  • Access rights,
  • Modules and access permissions given to different roles.
  • Ticketing System
QualCampus Employee Survey Module
Employee Survey

Employee Survey

  • Create Survey,
  • Feedback Collection,
  • Ratings & Analysis Reports
QualCampus Training & Development Module
Training and Development

Training and Development

  • Employee Training Requirement,
  • Training Schedule,
  • Topic,
  • Internal & External Expert/ Trainers,
  • Feedback
  • Reports
QualCampus Content Management Module
Content Management

Content Management

  • Content request generation by teaching staff member,
  • Task delegation to the content team by authorities,
  • Task completion,
  • Feedback,
  • Approval by teacher.
QualCampus Activity Management Module
Activity Management

Activity Management

  • Manages activity other than curriculum,
  • Student’s participation in activities and its fees,
  • Student’s and faculties attendance and performance in the selected activity,
  • Reports.
QualCampus Institute CSR Module
Institute CSR

Institute CSR

  • All the Social Service activities,
  • Purchase and Stores
  • Events,
  • Camps can be entered and managed.
  • Reports
QualCampus Publications Module


  • Provision for subscription for various publications by the student.
  • Areawise, Citywise, Reports
QualCampus Task Management Module
Task Manager

Task Manager

  • Task and Work Assignment to Employees,
  • Notifications
  • Reports
QualCampus Student Health Module
Student Health

Student Health

  • Student Medical Check-up Details,
  • Expenditure Details,
  • Casualty Incident Register
  • Case tracking
  • Prescription Letters and Updates to Parent, 
  • Reports
QualCampus Hostel Management Module


  • Hostel Building and Room Type wise Building
  • Rooms for Guest,
  • Student Allocation and Fees Collection
  • ,Student Behavior,
  • Warden, ID Cards 
  • Visitors
  • Reports
QualCampus Facilities Management Module
Facilities Management

Facilities Management

  • Vendor Contracts,
  • Maintenance Management, 
  • Asset Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Facility Booking, 
  • Lease & Rent Management, 
  • Tenants Management, 
  • Building Management, 
  • Parking Management
QualCampus Accreditation Module


  • NBA, NAAC,
  • Attainment & SAR Report in a few clicks,
  • Easy evaluation of OBE, PEOs, COs and POs,
  • Haasle free documentation, mapping of COs and POs within the ERP,
  • Attainment calculations done automatically in backgroup as you use different modules of QualCampus.
  • No need to collect the data manually,
  • Course Plan
  • Save time spent by faculties on documentation.
QualCampus Library Module


  • Budget
  • Acquisition,
  • Serial Management
  • Cataloging
  • Employee and Student Books Circulation
  • Library accession register and other Reports
QualCampus OPAC Module


  • Books Reservation & Search

QualCampus Stores Inventory Module
Stores Inventory

Stores Inventory

  • Requisition and Purchase cycle
  • Issue and Return to/from Students, 
  • Issue and Return to/from Staff, 
  • Stock Ledgers,
  • Purchase Reports
QualCampus Budget Module


  • Settings for Approval authorities
  • Budget Creation and mapping with Account Ledgers
  • Reports of Budgets and Actual expences
QualCampus Digital Document Management Module
Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management

  • Master Data,
  • Archive Documents,
  • Search Panel,
  • Document Sharing,
  • Access permission for different users
  • Reports
QualCampus Convocation & Certificate Printing Module
Convocation & Certificate Printing

Convocation & Certificate Printing

  • The institute can print convocation certificate within the premises,
  • Certificate can be sent for printing with due approval.
  • Keeps track of the delivery to students.
QualCampus Audio Video Library Module
Audio Video Library

Audio Video Library

  • Provision to upload educational audios and videos by Admin,
  • The student and staff can access the content.
QualCampus Admin Settings Module
Admin Settings

Admin Settings

  • Admin Setting it is the foundation module,
  • Admin can  create the Academic Calendar,
  • Create Holidays 
  • Create information regarding notifications 
QualCampus Principal Module
Principal Portal

Principal Portal

  • Attendance of Students and Employees,
  • Session Plan,
  • Time Table,
  • Results of all students,
  • Teachers performance,
  • Admission Details,
  • Placement 
  • Alumni activities 
  • Reports.
QualCampus Parent Portal Module
Parent Portal

Parent Portal

  • Pay the Fee
  • View Results,
  • View Notices,
  • View Events,
  • Communicate with Teachers thru’ School Diary,
  • View Attendance,
  • Check Assignments
QualCampus Student Portal Module
Student Portal

Student Portal

  • Pay Fees, Apply for leaves or Bonafide or Character certificate,
  • Attempt Student feedback on Faculty, Infrastructure and Course Contents,
  • Attempt Quiz,
  • Upload Assignments,
  • Apply for Scholarship,
  • Check timetable
  • Check Results
QualCampus Employee Portal Module
Employee Portal

Employee Portal

  • The Employee can apply for Leaves,
  • Compensatory Off
  • Out door duty and
  • Can send requests to HR
  • Can view Attendance, Payslips, etc
QualCampus Trustee Portal Module
Trustee Portal

Trustee Portal

  • Admissions
  • Fee Collection, 
  • Placement, Details
  • Attendance and Leaves
  • Income and Expense 
  • Profit and Loss
  • Exams and Results
  • Alumni Details
QualCampus Alumni Portal Module
Alumni Portal

Alumni Portal

  • Alumni Committee,
  • Alumni Event,
  • Alumni Contributions,
  • Alumni Mentors for current students.
QualCampus Institute Information Module
Institute Information

Institute Information

  • Master Data
  • Institute Information
  • Program Details
  • Affiliation Details
  • Institute Directory
  • Reports
QualCampus Parent Meeting Module
Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting

  • Schedule Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Visits and Feedback of Parents can be scheduled and recorded.
  • Reports
QualCampus Transport Management Module
Transport Management

Transport Management

  • Vehicle Transportation Management
  • Vehicle , Driver & Service Provider Data
  • Stops and Route wise Fees Collection
  • Fuel Log Book
  • Driver ID Card
  • Reports
QualCampus Lead Management Module
Lead Management

Lead Management

  • Nurturing of Prospective Students Leads
  • Counsellors Performance
  • Convert Enquiry to Admission
  • Upload Enquiries thru’ Excel
  • Qualify Leads
  • Reports
QualCampus Export to Tally Module
Export to Tally Management

Export to Tally Management

  • Map Ledgers for Fees and Purchases/Sales
  • Export data to Financial Accounting
  • Export Data to Tally from FA Module
QualCampus Assessment & Feedback Module
Assessment and Feedback

Assessment and Feedback

  • Students can give feedback on the modules being taught
  • Reports
QualCampus Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Payment Gateway Integration for Fees and Misc. Fees
  • Students and Parents can pay from their logins
  • Reports
QualCampus Biometric RFID Integration

Biometric/ RFID Integration

  • Biometric can be used for Students and Employee Attendance
  • RFID tags can be used for Library books tracking
  • Reports
Mobile Application Development
Mobile App

Mobile App

Parents and Students can view

  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • Fee Details
  • Exam Results
QualCampus Visiting Faculty Module
Visiting faculty

Visiting faculty

  • Honorium Structure for Visiting faculty
  • Agreement
  • Attendance
  • Pay calculations and Salary slips
  • Payments
QualCampus Student's Dairy Module
Student's Diary

Student’s Diary

  • Faculty’s Remarks 
  • Parent’s Remarks
  • Reports
QualCampus Mentorship Module


  • Mentor Allocation to Students 
  • Mentor’s task for Students
  • Reports