You are currently viewing From Local to Global: 10 Points formula on How to compete or collaborate with foreign institutions in India?
From Local to Global: 10 Points Formula for Indian Colleges and Universities to Compete or Collaborate with Foreign Institutions

From Local to Global: 10 Points formula on How to compete or collaborate with foreign institutions in India?

From Local to Global: 10 Points formula on How to compete or collaborate with foreign universities in India?

As per the new Education Policy 2020 – NEP, Finally UGC (University Grant Commission) brought the resolution and foreign universities have been granted permission to set up their campuses in India, Some say this is a win-win situation for Institutes and Students. The students will have more options to select as now that there are these offshore campuses in India of foreign universities. Others opine that although this move will improve the quality of education, for local colleges and universities it will be very tough competition and they will have to struggle to attract admissions. Some see this move as a catalyst for transforming higher education in India.

The process has already started and according to a recent announcement by Union Minister of Education Dharmendra Pradhan, Australia’s Deakin and Wollongong are the two universities that will establish their offshore campuses in India’s Gujarat.

Whatever pros and cons might be, a million dollar question is how to compete or collaborate with Foreign Universities?

Here I got a few points for the Indian Colleges, HEIs and Universities as to how they can compete or collaborate with Foreign Universities.

1. Go for International Accreditation:

NBA and NAAC Accreditation won’t suffice. You also need accreditations like ASIC, ABET, IAOInternational Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education, CHEA, etc.

2. Tie-Up with Global Industries for Internship:

Internship gives students hand-on experience and increases their chances of being immediately employable upon graduation.

3. Upgrade Your Labs:

Our laboratories should be at par with the global universities.

4. Online Sessions Must Go On:

Even if Covid-19 subsides, Online quality sessions must go on in parallel, HEI need to arrange good international faculties for online sessions.

5. Foreign Mentors:

Involve foreign faculties in Mentoring and grooming students remotely.

6. Research Work:

Involve foreign firms and faculty for research work, for eg. A few American universities have put up their research labs in Silicon valley.

7. Use of ICT:

We need to use good global ERP, LMS and MIS systems as foreign universities do.

8. If you can not beat them, join them:

Plan for Sandwich courses, like 2 semesters with you and the rest semesters with Foreign university.

9. International Jobs:

Most of the students vie for foreign universities as it also gives them opportunity to work while studying or getting Job upon graduation. The placement cells must plan to fulfill these aspirations.

10. Unique Education System:

Study the foreign universities model and take cues. Follow international curriculum or develop your own unique education system from style of teaching, learning to grades, sports to hostels (living ambience, campus environment)

How QualCampus Can Help you in Competing & Collaborating With Foreign Institutions:

International Student Recruitment:

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Financial Management:

QualCampus simplifies budgeting, invoicing, and payment processing.

Student Engagement:

QualCampus enables interactive learning through discussion forums, virtual classrooms, and gamification.

Faculty Management:

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Data Analytics:

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Mobile Accessibility:

The QualCampus mobile app allows access from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


QualCampus can be customized to meet specific institutional needs.

Overall, QualCampus is a comprehensive platform that can help institutions improve their operations and enhance the student experience, enabling them to compete and collaborate more effectively with foreign institutions.

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