Education ERP Features:

Online Admission 150x150 1

Smooth Online Admission process!

QualCampus has the most proven online admission process, suitable for ALMOST ALL Types of INSTITUTES.

In the times of COVID-19 and social distancing the Online Admission Software is the lifeline of schools, colleges and universities. Program wise the Online Admission can be setup for eg. PGDM and Global MBA can have different admission forms.
Place the registration link with the advertisement, the student is going to register themselves with OTP verification
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Fee Payment 300x300 1

Integrate with any Payment Gateway!

QualCampus can be integrated with ANY PAYMENT GATEWAY.
Student/Parent can check the outstanding status online and PAY through secure Payment Gateway.
Online fee collection is the boon for schools, colleges and universities in this time of Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing.
Student can apply for the different certificates like Bonafide, Study Certificate ONLINE, and can PAY the fees too!
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Online Exams

QualCampus  comes with Online Objective type exam- MCQ- Quiz for evaluation and Descriptive exams.
The teacher can upload the Quiz questions and correct options. The student can attempt and check their performance in real time.
Very useful in times of COVID-19 and social distancing
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One page single login 1

One Package, Single Login!

QualCampus is capable of managing an Institute, Group of Institutes, different types of Institutes and in combine a WHOLE University! Yes, in ONE PACKAGE, SINGLE LOGIN!
Its a unified platform for everything you need in an ERP for Education.
Its an ERP for schools, colleges and universities of the post COVID world
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QualCampus NAAC and NBA Accreditation

NAAC and NBA Accreditation Module!

Qualcampus is having inbuilt accreditation modules for NAAC and NBA which is paramount for the Colleges and Universities to maintain Quality in all the process by achieving Course Outcomes and Program outcomes
You need to take care of daily operations, in the back ground Qualcampus generates reports required for NBA or NAAC as per the Course Outcome and Program Outcome.
Qualcampus saves lot of time of the College and University staff to prepare the reports.
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Placement 1

Best Training and Placement Software

QualCampus comes with the most efficient Training and Placement Module, which is the vital for attracting new admissions to colleges and universities.
Using placement module helps to maintain a good rapport with the Industry by streamlining and automating the placement process. The placement opportunities are visible in the Student login.
QualCampus Training and Placement Module is one of the most important modules it make work of placement officer very easy,
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Effortless support system 1

Effortless Support System!

QualCampus – package of 80 modules! Serving all the different ROLES and FUNCTIONS, an Institute has. 100% Resource Planning!
Choosing a feature rich Software or ERP is NOT enough to make it LIVE, it requires to choose the EFFORTLESS SUPPORT SYSTEM.
Moreover QualCampus has module wise chat bot to assist users
Support is very important factor in the success of any ERP in Colleges and Universities
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Online Classroom- Live Lectures

QualCampus comes with Online Classroom module, wherein the faculty can also give live lectures as per the timetable and the student can attend online. Its powered by QualCampus- MEET online live lecture delivery module.
The faculty can also upload videos of the lectures as per timetable. The attendance of online lecture is taken automatically.

The Students can ask questions pertaining to the lecture and the faculty can answer.
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Export to Tally 1

Post to Tally!

Many schools, colleges and universities use Tally for Financial Accounting and their CA wants the balance sheet in Tally.
QualCampus has an inbuilt feature wherein your fee, purchase, sales and other financial transactions can be posted to tally as per the selection by the user.
This ensures that your trail balance, profit and loss and  balance sheet is in sync with Tally.
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QualCampus 60 1

80+ modules!

The end result of our 15  years of experience with different educational organisations.
The different versions of University  ERP, College ERP and School ERP, connects almost all the pieces together and gives the real meaning to automation. Its backed with artificial intelligence and Machine learning.
Here is a quick glance at the Qualcampus ERP for Education portfolio now
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QualCampus is a comprehensive Campus management software with inbuilt LMS, CRM and ERP modules
Using inbuilt LMS for educational institutions, the task of reaching and assessments is standardized and ease the work of faculties.
Here is a quick glance at the QualCampus ERP for Education LMS portfolio
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QualCampus CRM


CRM or the Lead Management Software is the backbone of all educational institutions, which brings in admissions, if leads are nurtured properly.
The benefits are enormous. Using lead management module, the counselors can communicate with the students , nurture them and convert them into applicants and further to Students.

Qualcampus has provision for  calling, email and SMS api for easy communication with prospective applicants Read More…

OBE Square


The NAAC, NBA accreditation is important for higher learning educational colleges and universities.

QualCampus gathers the data for NAAC AQAR or NBA SAR through various modules and present to the uses in an editable format as per the format of accreditation bodies. Read More…