How QualCampus Can Help You With Admission Process

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How QualCampus Can Help You With Admission Process

There is a lot that goes on in your education institute. There is no argument that the admission process of college is one of the important parts of the complete college management. You have to go on and keep thinking of better ways to manage everything.

You can plan extremely well and yet there might be errors sometimes. And sometimes, mismanagement. Having a college management software will make things easier for you, with the admission process and other operations too.

Currently, let’s discuss the benefits of college management software solutions for admission processes.

All Enquiries on a single Dashboard

All the enquiries can be collected through API and consolidated on a common dashboard.
The Enquiries may come from Social Media, Landing Pages, Website Enquiry pages or through other CRM softwares.

Using ERP enquiries can be mapped to respective counselors of different programs.The counselors can nurture the enquiries to convert them into applicants.

Control Enrollment at various campuses from Anywhere

Do you have multiple campuses under your main organization?

It could be tedious to check the report of every campus and ask for reports and verify the information. It gets worse if the campuses are in different cities.

With a college management software solution you can manage admissions for different campuses through your ERP system – with web based applications, you can monitor the process from anywhere across the globe.

Communicating with Students and Parents

Giving the updates about the application status for the candidate, and other updates about the dates and reporting to the college could be a hectic task.

You can do it all through the college management system. You can send SMS and WhatsApp updates to students and their parents about the details and update them.

Maintaining a Proper Database

Managing all the documents throughout the admission processes is challenging. Even after the admission process is done, you sometimes have to check for the relevant document of a particular student.

The college ERP system helps you by maintaining and organizing the complete data into the system. This is secure and accessible, which makes things safe and easier for you.

Application Status Tracking

The college management system will help you keep a track of all the applications.If any applicant or parent is asking you for an update about the status of their child’s application, all you have to do is check for the status and confirm the Application status.

The software keeps the data of application status of every student, even those who are rejected, debarred or suspended.

Fees Status

How do you keep a track of students who have paid the complete fees, or paying the fees in different installments?

With college management software you can take a look at exact fees collected for a particular batch, class, division and individual student. This gives you a complete snapshot of the fees collected and pending amount.

Entrance Test and Merit List Generation

You can invite the students for Entrance examination through ERP and later generate Merit List depending on the applicants performance and other criteria.

Evaluation of Applications & Ranking

You can give marks and evaluation as per your entrance test, or your preferable evaluation method and let the automation do the rest for you.

You can use these evaluations to spot the best students and the students that you need to give special attention to. It also helps you in segregating classrooms and organizing students and the overall management in a better way.

Document Verification

Scanning, uploading and then verification. The verification process of the documents could get tiring for the staff, teachers, and students.

You can use the college management software to manage this effectively. A college staff can verify and update the status in the ERP system. You can later check if the documents were verified and export and print the copy of the documents.

How QualCampus can help in Admissions:

QualCampus is an ERP system that can assist institutions in acquiring inquiries, nurturing them and converting them into Applicants.

QualCampus comes with API integration with SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Cloud telephony, CRM softwares and google meet.

Where can you find the Best Online Class Management System in the Market?

When it comes to finding Online Class Management System, you have several options available. While many ERP providers offer Online Class Management solutions, QualSoft stands out as one of the leading brands renowned for providing exceptional ERP solutions. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes features such as Fees Management, Customer Relationship Management, Admission Management, Exam Management, Learning Management, Student Training & Placement Management, and a top-notch Online Class Management System.

If you’re considering implementing or upgrading your existing ERP system in your educational institution, whether it’s a University, College, School, or group of institutions, look no further than QualCampus. With our cutting-edge ERP solution, you can streamline your administrative processes, enhance collaboration, and provide a seamless learning experience for your students. QualCampus is your ultimate one-stop solution for all your ERP needs in the education sector.

Wrap Up

College management software or a college ERP can make the lead management and admission process a lot easier and smoother. Moreover, if you implement it properly, you can boost your admissions by nurturing the enquiries.

Implementing a college ERP system or college management software can not just benefit you throughout the admission process, it can help you even after the admissions to manage and operate the different departments of your educational institute.

QualCampus is a comprehensive ERP system designed for educational institutions, it comes with 80+ modules considering the different problems and solutions that any educational institute could use. It encompasses all the process from Enquiries till the Student becomes an alumni. All academics, non academic and accreditation processes are automated.

To know about QualCampus Google Meet/Online Class Management System

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