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How to Keep Students Engaged and Encourage Participation During Online Classes?

How to Keep Students Engaged and Encourage Participation During Online Classes?

Keeping the students engaged was challenging enough in the physical classroom, now it  is even more of a challenge with online classrooms or virtual classrooms.

Most teachers can easily deal with an unengaged audience in a physical classroom but online classes are a whole another deal.

The techniques that work with ‘real’ face to face meet ups don’t necessarily work with ‘virtual’ classes.

This blog is about how to keep students engaged throughout the online classes / lectures.

Here’s is the list of things you could do to keep the students engaged in online classes

  1. Learn Storytelling
  2. Use Chat feature
  3. Take classes in different formats
  4. Quizzes
  5. Have ticketing system to track and gift the best students

Let us discuss these points in brief.

Learn Storytelling

There is a huge chance that you’re already a great storyteller as a teacher. 

Storytelling is one such skill that helps you gain attention in any setting. Not just with physical classrooms, it works everywhere.

Stories are such that even people who are least interested in your topic might pay attention to you.

Learn how to incorporate stories in your online lectures.

Use The Chat Feature

The chat feature is available in all the virtual classroom solutions like Google Meet, Microsoft teams or Zoom.

Use the chat feature in a way that keeps the students engaged. This is not just for the students in senior colleges. It can even be used for students in kindergarten classes. 

For example, you can ask them to share the emoji of their favorite animal or play a game of emoji to express themselves etc.

The key is to keep them interested as you teach them.

Take classes in different formats

The virtual classrooms give you an added advantage of taking the class in different formats.

You can present a slideshow, you can show them a video, present yourself or other formats with a mix of each.

When we use different forms of mediums – audio and visual, chances are that students will remember it. And, when you combine that with asking questions they will remember it for a long time.

Run Quizzes/Polls between classes

This could be fun for everyone. Ask interesting quiz questions to keep the students engaged. Asking good quiz questions will encourage them to actively listen to you and participate in the activity.

Although, it could be a little tedious to do everything on your own, as you teach the class. 

So you can easily choose to automate the quiz using software solutions.

Score Students as per participation

When students are engaged throughout the online class monitor their performance and give them marks according to that. 

We understand, that could be a little problematic, but you can always integrate  software solutions that can do this for you.

Wrap Up

Making the process of learning fun and engaging for students is complicated for teachers. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always automate the processes using software solutions.

QualCampus is an ERP software for colleges, schools and universities. We’re having 80+ different modules that help you manage everything tedious about educational institutes.

You can easily connect the Google Meet with our education ERP solution too. 

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