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What is NBA Accreditation

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What is NBA Accreditation?

NBA stands for the national board of accreditation which is an accreditation agency representing India similar like NAAC to recognize higher level engineering qualifications and various technical institutions on the basis of the quality of education and educational facilities provided there. The NBA has set a guidelines that act as parameters to accredit institutions.

NBA Accreditation is necessary to improve the quality of Students graduating from professional institutes.NBA Accreditation helps you to improve your internal processes and do assessment and evaluation of the same.NBA accredited degrees help the student in gaining good employment opportunities across the world.

National Board of Accreditation (NBA) has been accorded permanent Signatory status of Washington Accord on 13th June 2014. NBA Accreditation also helps Institutions, Colleges and universities to increased admission countNBA accredits technical programs of institutions and not the institution or its departments/centres as a whole. It is based on 10 broad Criteria.

Below is the Accreditation Criteria taken from

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Criterion 1  – Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) 
Criterion 2 – Program Curriculum and Teaching-Learning Processes
Criterion 3 – Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes
Criterion 4 – Students’ Performance
Criterion 5 – Faculty Information and Contribution
Criterion 6 – Facilities and Technical Support
Criterion 7 – Continuous Improvement
Criterion 8 – First Year Academics
Criterion 9 – Student Support Systems
Criterion10 – Governance, Institutional Support and Financial Resources

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